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Nick Kuang

Licensed Agent #2022006612





3407 W 117th Street

Cleveland, OH 44111

Who Am I?

I am from San Jose, California. After graduating from college, I went to grind on the 9-5 climbing the corporate ladder like everyone else. When I acquired my 4th property in Dallas, that’s when I decided to pursue real estate full-time. I left my full-time job as a program manager in Silicon Valley and moved to Cleveland because it is the best market to build and grow a real estate portfolio. Since then, I’ve obtained my real estate license and accumulated 13 doors for both short-term, mid-term, and long-term rentals.


My goal is to help out-of-state investors to build and grow their portfolio in Cleveland with different investing strategies. Whether you are a complete novice who is looking to purchase their first deal or an experienced investor who wants to acquire a property for Airbnb or grow their portfolio, I am your perfect boots on the ground. My clients will enjoy my one-stop shop service from consultation, acquisition, project management, and property management. Whether analyzing a deal for short/mid/long term rental, doing a video showing for BRRRR, meeting contractors for bids/estimates, listing your property on the market for a fix and flip, vetting and placing a tenant in your mid-term rental, I do it all so you can sit back and cash flow.


When I am not working, I enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, snowboarding, and playing soccer. I am a football (soccer) fan and have a huge passion for European soccer. Go Manchester United! I am also fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 

Why Work With Me?


Out-of-State Investor Friendly

Local Resources and Team

In-House Property Management

Realiability and Transparency

I own and manage 13 doors myself for both short/mid/long term rental in California, Texas, and Cleveland. Being an experienced investor myself with a diverse portfolio, it puts me in a good position to help others.

I am also someone who started as an out of state investors so I know all the dos and don’ts and what pitfalls to avoid

I am a local realtor who has a network of trusted licensed/insured general contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, title companies, lenders, wholesalers and property managers. I’ve built this network over the years and have worked with them and vetted them rigorously.

Having a good property manager is very essential. That’s when your assets will have passive, stabled and optimized cash flow. My company Realty Trust Services, LLC has in-house property managers, maintenance workers, and customer service. We are currently managing 300+ units and growing rapidly. Additionally, we have a team for Airbnb managers with us being Superhosts. My clients who are doing BRRRR and Buy/Hold strategies will enjoy the benefit of this. 

[Insert link to realty trust services]

I will treat each of your deal/investment like my own. I will analyze, buy, rehab, sell or rent out every property like my own. Every deal and transaction will be completely transparent between us. I understand a long-term and sustainable relationship will require trust and a win-win result where everyone is happy. 

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